Titanium Rod Comercial Grade 2

These titanium (Ti) Rods are high quality and high purity (commercial grade 2). Each rod is 11" in length with a 1/8" diameter and comes in packs of 1 to 10. ... Read more

What Is Nickel Titanium? (with pictures) wiseGEEK

Nickel titanium is a highly durable, strong metal with a number of medical and other applications. Its key properties are shape memory and high elasticity, which can ... ... Read more

Titanium Clad Plate – wwwasiatitancom

Titanium Clad Plate. GR1 GR2 Pure Titanium Sheet. Medical Titanium Sheet. Titanium Clad Plate . Ti/Stainless Steel, Ti/Steel, Ti/Al, Ti/Cu, Ti/Ni. ... Read more

magnetic application system suppliers

Xi'an Huashun Measuring Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China magnetic, magnetometer manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to buy high precision magnetic from our factory. ... Read more

Dongguan Hilong Machinery Co.,Limited

Dongguan Hilong Machinery Co.,Limited: Supply wire harness processing equipment. Terminal crimping machine, wire cutting and striping machine. Tube cutting machine. applicator, punches etc. ... Read more